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BlueBox Launches Advertising Service BlueAds Media

While BlueBox’s network has successfully grown across the lower mainland, our team decided that it is the right time for us to help businesses of all sectors in our communities with our advertising program, BlueAds.

Businesses can now advertise their products and services via the BlueBox locker display or on the resident app. Compared to other smart locker solutions, we offer the largest interactive display. This is advantageous as it draws the attention of users who must interact with the touchscreen to pick up their daily parcels. BlueBox locations are placed in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, and outdoor shared courtyards. 

On the smart locker, advertisements are displayed on a three-minute loop that rotates continuously 24/7. With over 100+ locations across the lower mainland, there are countless opportunities to advertise new promotions to BlueBox users. Clients can buy into 19 pre-set geo groups in high-density urban areas at a monthly price, with a maximum term period of 6 months.

Clickable banner ads are also available via the BlueBox app. This appears at the end of the pickup process. For a better campaign outcome, most clients are encouraged to use both locker and banner advertisements to maximize their exposure. 

To date, many industries and services have enjoyed the added exposure BlueAds was able to provide. This includes food delivery, real estate, ride-sharing, florists, and junk removal services to name a few. 

“Your service is extremely good, and it was a great addition to my current campaign” 
(Current Real Estate Agent Client)

Whether you are looking to promote your business or services, BlueBox can help you get the exposure you want. Pricing and location grouping are unique to every business. Feel free to contact us and discuss more in detail with our professional marketing team!

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