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YK Gold and Silver Works with BlueBox to Create a Dropbox for Local Businesses

YK Gold and Silver originally offered local products that pay tribute to the mineral history of Yellowknife, as well as precious metals exchange services.

Originally they reached out with an idea to create a dropbox to help local entrepreneurs who need an extra hand to get their products to the market. The goal was to eliminate the need for local products to be ‘retail ready’.

Currently, they have transformed this smart locker solution into ‘YK Swapbox’. Where local businesses can pay a monthly price to deposit their orders for customers into the locker. The Swapbox is placed in a central area, making it convenient for both the business and the customer. Three key benefits have emerged from implementing this system.

  1. Accessibility 

This eliminates the need for businesses to schedule set pick-up and delivery dates for their orders and creates a routine that is more convenient and less time-consuming. 

  1. Privacy

When fulfilling orders you may need to make drop-offs to locations that are too personal for one’s comfort. With the use of Swapbox, there is a sense of added security by providing a central hub for these customer interactions. 

  1. Cutting Costs

Making local deliveries can be time-consuming and costly. With products not needing to be ‘retail ready’, you can eliminate the expectation of meeting specific store margins and sacrificing potential profit. 

To make Swapbox possible our development team was able to customize our current workflow to meet their needs. This is a great example of a unique implementation of BlueBox. Our team is open-minded to new opportunities to implement our smart locker solution. Let us know your idea for a smart locker and we can work together to make this a reality!

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