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BlueBox smart locker solution reduces parcel reception workload from building staff and increases the convenience for both couriers and users.

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BlueBox can fit the needs of your public buildings such as schools, student housing, community centres, and government buildings, and more.

Enhance your community with an innovative green solution.

With BlueBox installed, you will increase your corporate social responsibility and improve the environmental impact of the facility.

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The Right Solution for your community


BlueBox smart locker system is customizable based on your communities needs (library book returns, temporary public locker storage, etc.)


Safety is our top priority. Your parcels, data, and facilities will be protected with our all-on-one smart locker solution.

Lead Time

BlueBox provides a low pricing hurdle. Our customers agree we offer the most affordable solution. Have BlueBox installed within 7 days of a signed agreement.

Green Technology

Focusing on the environment, BlueBox aims to reduce carbon emissions by eliminating multiple delivery attempts by finding solutions for last-mile delivery.

Flexible Software & Hardware Options

System Integration

All BlueBox APIs are customizable and ready for integration with any existing systems, even condo management systems already in place.

Locker Options

We have a variety of our standard locker configurations ready to be installed. You can customize upon request the locker appearance with a variety of colours or layouts.