Smart Lockers With BlueboxOS

A smart locker software platform that is hardware agnostic, allowing you to create an operational system tailored to your specific workflow. 

From parcel delivery to goods exchange, pick-up service, storage control and more, we simplify your journey to adopting smart technologies across various use cases:

Residential Complexes

E-commerce & Retail

Commercial Buildings & Offices

Educational institutions

hassle-free solution

The Implementation Process Is Easy!​

Smart locker hardware without OS

Rapidly set up your lockers by integrating your workflow with BlueboxOS. Take advantage of all the smart service features:

Smart locker already installed, but not happy with the service or system

If you have installed smart lockers but are not satisfied with the current service or system, we can migrate BlueboxOS to your original lockers:

Are you satisfied with your current smart locker service and/or system?

Experience the impact of the BlueBoxOS on your existing locker hardware with three months of free service from us!

Are there hidden costs for on-site service, software upgrades, etc.?

With BlueBox all on-site service and software upgrades are included. You don’t need to worry about any hidden fees.

Are parcel deliveries still causing frequent staff disruptions? Having issues with the operation of the current locker system?

BlueBox smart lockers boast impeccable operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless solution for parcel management. Our team is dedicated to the lockers’ success and is prepared to provide unwavering support.

Are customer support inquiries answered and tech support provided in a timely manner? Is support provided by third party professionals?

BlueBox offers local in-house customer service and tech support. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist whether in-person, over the phone, or online. Our team also trains on-site staff so they have the ability to support if needed.

Do you find carriers aren’t using the locker and deliveries are being left on the ground by the lockers?

We pride ourselves on user experience and usability. Our streamlined workflow encourages use by all with a simple delivery and collection process. BlueBox has been highly adopted by many residents, building staff, and carriers.

Do you consider the overall investment and cost for your current smart locker service to be too high?

BlueBox offers a unique pricing model, lowering the hurdle to implementing smart lockers with an affordable service fee.

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