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01. About BlueBox Smart Lockers

What are BlueBox smart lockers?

Please watch our video demonstration on the basic operation of BlueBox.


  1. When delivery staff arrive at the building, they can deposit the package into BlueBox via the recipient’s phone number or unit number.
  2. The recipient is notified by both the app and SMS.
  3. The packages can be retrieved by either a unique pickup code or through the app.
What are the power requirements for installation?

All BlueBox smart lockers require a typical 120V wall outlet for the master unit. Please contact us if you have any questions about further alternatives.

What are the internet requirements for installation?

BlueBox is designed with industry-leading technology which can operate without an ethernet cable. We support three methods of internet connection to complete the installation:

  1. Ethernet Cable (Most recommended)
  2. Wifi
  3. Sim Card

We recommend that all customers install BlueBox with an ethernet cable because the connection is more stable than the other options. The internet connection with Wifi & SIM Card differs from every building’s signal reception; therefore, there is a higher possibility of malfunction caused by an unstable internet connection. 

How fast can BlueBox be installed in my building after agreement?

We can install BlueBox in your building within 7 days of a agreement (within the lower mainland of the British Columbia area and the Greater Toronto Area).

Which carriers can deposit deliveries in BlueBox?

All carriers can use BlueBox. BlueBox is carrier-neutral and does not hold any restrictions.

How do we ensure carriers use BlueBox?

We cannot force carriers to use BlueBox but we encourage them to use it through roll-up posters, instructions, and placing BlueBox in an accessible area for carriers to easily use.

Our team can visit on-site upon training request to educate carriers, residents, and the building manager on how to use BlueBox.

Once the carriers begin using BlueBox, they will understand how it makes their job easier and will be enticed to use it for all their future deliveries

How does BlueBox affect carriers from accessing the building?

BlueBox does not alter the way carriers enter the building. Carriers will enter the building the same way they did before the installation of BlueBox.

What if we want to add more BlueBox lockers to our building?

We can add more locker(s) if your building sees the need for additional BlueBox add-ons. Please contact us to discuss.

02. Access to BlueBox

Where can I download BlueBox app?

BlueBox app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

For IOS devices, please visit:

For Android devices, please visit:

How do I start with BlueBox?

BlueBox can be used right away after the installation. There is no activation period.

  1. When delivery staff arrive at the building, they can deposit the package into BlueBox via the recipient’s phone number or unit number.
  2. The recipient is notified by both SMS text messages & the BlueBox app.
  3. The parcel can be retrieved by either a unique pickup code or through the app.
How to collect my parcels?

Locker Pick-up (with pickup code):

  1. Click “Start” on the screen
  2. Choose a language
  3. Choose “Collect”
  4. Enter the unique pick up code you received from your SMS text messages or the BlueBox app
  5. After entering the pickup code, the compartment door will open. Please make sure you CLOSE the compartment door after collecting your parcel
  6. You can keep collecting more parcels by clicking “collect another delivery” if needed.

App Pick-up:

  1. Open the BlueBox resident app on your mobile device
  2. Login and make sure you are on the deliveries tab, and check the pending parcels
  3. Click on the parcel you would like to pick up
  4. Click on the “Unlock Locker” button
How long can my parcel stay in the BlueBox locker?

The amount of time you have to pick up your parcel varies and is determined by your property management. The property management also determines fees for overdue packages stored in BlueBox.

Can someone pick up a parcel for me?

To guarantee the security of deliveries, only the recipient can pick up their parcel by using the BlueBox app.

However, you can share the unique pickup code provided through your SMS messages or the BlueBox app with someone you trust. That person can pick up your parcel for you by entering the unique pickup code at the BlueBox. 

What if my parcel contains perishable items?

We do not recommend placing perishable items into BlueBox parcel lockers unless the recipient can pick up the items immediately.

However, if you instruct the carrier to place perishable items into the BlueBox, please make sure to pick them up within 1-2 days.

How do I register my unit number with the BlueBox in my building?

Please note that ONLY residential buildings have the feature for residents to register their unit numbers to BlueBox as an alternative deposit method other than phone numbers.

To register your unit, go to your BlueBox App and click on the “Account” Tab. Then, click on the “Residential” icon tab and select “Register Unit” when there are available BlueBoxes for unit registration.

Once you have sent the unit registration request, your building staff will verify and either accept or reject the registration. If you have any questions about the result of the request, please contact your building staff.

Upon receiving a delivery, you will automatically be associated with the BlueBox from your building. If you do not see any BlueBoxes available for unit registration, please wait until you receive a delivery from your BlueBox and proceed from there.

Still cannot register your unit?  Please contact your building staff or BlueBox support to resolve this issue for you.

03. Troubleshooting

What happens if I lost the code for my parcel?

The parcel can also be collected through the BlueBox app by clicking on the “Unlock Locker” button from the delivery detail page.

If you still cannot retrieve your parcels, please contact your building staff or BlueBox support to have them resend the unique pick-up code to you.

I unlock the BlueBox but there's nothing in the locker, why?

If you are NOT expecting a delivery, please ignore the delivery: This may be caused by the delivery agent selecting the wrong-sized compartment for a delivery and closing the door without depositing anything.

If you are expecting a delivery: Please contact BlueBox support and make sure to provide proof of delivery and tracking information. We will help you to resolve this issue.

What if I received a parcel that was not for me?

The delivery agent may accidentally deliver a parcel to another person occasionally.

When a rare situation like this happens, please send a photo of the parcel’s shipping label to us to address the delivery provider about this and avoid similar problems in the future.

You can return the parcel to the reception desk or manager and ask for their assistance to return it to the correct recipient.

My parcel is damaged. What should I do?

If your parcel has been damaged, it could only happen during transit or at the point of origin. Please contact the carrier company or the shipper to resolve this issue.

Storing your parcel in BlueBox should not damage your parcel at any time.

The carrier tracking record shows my parcel was delivered, but it is not in the BlueBox locker. What should I do?

Please contact the carrier company to ensure that they have deposited your parcel in the BlueBox.

If so, please double-check to see if the carrier company left the parcel somewhere else such as:

  1. Anywhere around the BlueBox
  2. At reception desk
  3. In the mailroom
  4. Or left a delivery notice instead

If you still cannot find your parcel, please contact BlueBox support and make sure to provide proof of delivery and tracking information. We will help you to resolve this issue.

I hear a clicking sound from the compartment door, but it doesn’t open. What should I do?

This is usually caused by a jammed door when the delivery agent forces the parcel into a smaller compartment.

If the locker is not opening, please contact your building staff or BlueBox support. We will send our field team on-site to repair the locker if it’s needed.

What if I don’t want a particular parcel delivered to the BlueBox locker in my building?

When placing a new order, please write a special instruction for the carrier company and instruct them to NOT deposit this parcel to your BlueBox but an alternative location.

04. Security

What happen to my parcels if the power of BlueBox is lost?

Once BlueBox detects no power, it automatically commences lockdown mode, where only BlueBox employees can access the locker to prevent the opportunity of theft.

What if there has been an incident of vandalism or theft?

BlueBox is not liable for theft, vandalism, or delivery damages.

Please get in touch with your property manager and law enforcement as required.

In the case of vandalism or damages, the hosting facility will be responsible for compensating for the broken parts of BlueBox. We will not charge for the labour as it is included in the monthly service charge.

Is the data safe, and how can it be protected?

Your privacy is our top priority. The BlueBox Smart Lockers are compliant with PIPEDA laws. The data is safely stored on our server for effective analytics and the safe automation of your work processes. Our data center is located in Canada.

We secure our network as follows:

  • The BlueBox server runs on the highly secure Amazon Web Services platform.
  • We use RSA encryption to secure data communication.
  • Immediately lockdown when there’s any suspicious activity or potential hack to the applications. BlueBox employees will recover it once it’s proven safe and secured.
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