Bluebox smart locker

Shop Smart With BlueMart

BlueMart is an online grocery order & delivery platform that minimizes your fees by leveraging the advantages of the option of ordering in groups.

Wide Selection of Goods with $0 Delivery Fee

BlueMart minimizes your orders’ miscellaneous fees like delivery fees, labour fees, and service fees by putting an emphasis on group orders, that are groups of customers living in similar geographic zones.

Join Group Order With Your BlueBox Neighbours To Get Unlimited Rewards

Reaching Group Order targets earns you BlueCredits, that can be used towards your future BlueMart purchases.

BlueMart Application
Tailored Features To Create A Seamless Shopping Experience

$0 Delivery Fee

Based on our unique delivery model, you and your BlueBox neighbours have no delivery fee included in your orders. Thanks to the power of Group Order!

Coupons & Rewards

Enjoy the benefits of being a BlueMart member, you get store discounts, BlueMart coupons, as well as BlueCredits earned from each purchase you make.

BlueBox Integration

Not at home during delivery? No problem! BlueMart delivers to BlueBox Smart Locker, a subsidiary of ours offering free temporary delivery storage.

Customer Support

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer support to our BlueMart members. Got an issue with your order? Email or call us and we'd love to help!