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BlueAds is a unique advertising service with constant digital exposure, creating genuine ad impressions and captivating the user experience between advertisers and consumers.

how it works?

BlueBox Smart Lockers are placed In high-traffic Areas within residential buildings across Canada; our system is used daily by over 25,000 users providing constant exposure for your business.

Our strategic placement of advertisements on our locker screen and app; provides ad exposure embedded into every package pick-up.

Premium Banner Ad Placement

Display your static or video advertisement throughout the BlueBox smart locker workflow.

Full-Screen Ad Placement

Display your advertisement on the BlueBox smart locker home screen.

Resident App Full-Screen Splash Ad

Display your advertisement at the launch of the BlueBox resident app.

Resident App Collection Banner Ad

Display your advertisement on the BlueBox resident app during the collection process.

Guaranteed exposure

Experience unparalleled advertising visibility with BlueAds, ensuring optimal reach and engagement.

Unique multi-channel advertising opportunity

Seamlessly promotes your business across our locker system and app, providing unparalleled exposure and engagement for your business.

Constant interactions

Engage in continuous interactions with our ads, ensuring a dynamic experience that keeps your audience involved and captivated throughout the workflow.

We have a space for you to advertise on our management website connecting you directly with building staff in hundreds of residential buildings nationwide.

Admin Web Top Banner Ad

Display your advertisement on the BlueBox management website dashboard

BlueAds Media

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