Why Bluebits Technologies Chooses Not to Use Third-party Providers for Customer Support

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Bluebits Technologies is the only Smart Locker Provider to develop all Services In-house

As Bluebits continues to grow and expand, the demand for a more robust customer support team has proven to be necessary. While we look to the market for inspiration, we notice many other smart locker providers opt to use a third-party provider for this service. The goal for them is to reduce costs and streamline the experience for their customers. But in reality, we have received feedback that the consumers’ experience with third-party customer support has been negative. The following are some examples of their situations.

  • Service Quality Control: Consumers feel that they have received inconsistent service and has negatively impacted their customer experience
  • Data security and privacy: Consumers feel that sharing their information with third-party agents can raise concerns about data security and privacy
  • Communication: The effectiveness of communication and coordination for on-site help is a headache
  • Overpromising: Consumers felt they were overpromised and underdelivered in terms of services.

At Bluebits Technologies, one of our key differentiators is that we use no third parties, and all of our services are done by our in-house staff. This allows for the following benefits regarding our customer support.

  • Our in-house customer support can deal  with any situation remotely, or provide the same/next on-site service if needed
  • Our in-house installation team can install BlueBox within 7 business days of receiving a signed agreement
  • Our in-house development team has created the Bluebits software from the ground up. This allows for smooth integration with any software. 

Even though providing in-house requires more effort, the feedback from the consumers has been extremely positive. Many mentioned that they would prefer a more local solution that is a one-stop shop for all with state-of-the-art technology and services. Bluebits will always continue to strive to have a customer-centric approach, in the hope to exceed the expectations of our end-users. 

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