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Bluebits Revolutionizes Parcel Management in the Rental Market

Bluebits is making a difference in the rental market with its innovative approach to parcel management. Current business practice reveals that property management companies prefer working with Bluebits, a Canadian company that offers competitive pricing and short lead time.

Princess Management, a forward-thinking property management company, approached Bluebits to install lockers in all their buildings. This initiative aimed to improve customer experience, and parcel management and also address issues surrounding parcel theft and misplaced deliveries. It is crucial to acknowledge that it remains a shared problem within the rental market. As a technology-driven company, Bluebits is committed to seeking solutions that enhance the market’s needs.

Princess Management prioritizes tenants’ convenience and well-being. While various vendors offer parcel locker services, affordability can be a concern for many apartment buildings. Bluebits changes the game by providing a flexible leasing model that property management companies have never had access to before. 

Another company that recognizes Bluebox’s value is WJ Properties. WJ Properties has partnered with Bluebits to install lockers in the majority of their rental buildings. The goal of this strategic collaboration is to improve the service and establish market advantages in the rental market by upgrading the service. By partnering with Bluebits, WJ Properties responded to parcel problems that their tenants cared about. 

Bluebits stands out from the competition in multiple aspects. Our focus is on delivering a seamless customer experience, accompanied by an innovative pricing model that requires no upfront investments, making parcel management solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes. Additionally, fast lead time guarantees prompt installation. What previously might have taken an entire fiscal year by other suppliers, Bluebits can now deliver in a matter of weeks. Moreover, Bluebits constantly enhances its features and services, staying ahead of the curve to meet evolving market demands.

When it comes to finding a reliable and comprehensive parcel management solution, look no further than Bluebits. Bluebits rapidly and steadily conquered the rental market, revolutionizing the way parcels are handled. With affordable prices, prompt service, enhanced features, and unwavering commitment, Bluebits is your ultimate partner in parcel management.

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