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01. Get Started

What is BlueBox for Bikes?

BlueBox for Bikes is a bike parking solution designed to provide a seamless parking experience for cyclists. The locker operates through a smart access control system, allowing cyclists to unlock the locker via the BlueBox for Bikes app or a physical access card.

How does BlueBox for Bikes work?

BlueBox for Bikes are located all around the city of Burnaby, and you can find available stations by using the BlueBox for Bikes app. Lockers can be booked 30 minutes in advance, or you can simply walk up to an available locker and start your trip.

You can start your parking session through the app, or by tapping your access card on the NFC reader under the locker instruction light.

To end your parking, just unlock the locker with the BlueBox for Bikes app or tap your access card.

02. How to Guide

How to begin bike parking in the app?
  1. Search and download the “BlueBox for Bikes” from your app store. 
    {put two download buttons here}
  2. Sign up with your mobile phone number. For existing BlueBox app users, you can directly log in with your BlueBox 
  3. Enable location service for the app, and then follow the instructions on app.
How to reserve a locker in advance?
  1. Make sure the location service is enabled for BlueBox for Bikes app. 
  2. Select a bike locker location from the “Location” tab.
  3. Select a location where you would like to park your bike. 
  4. On the location detail page, click the Reserve button. Please note, if all lockers at that selected location are occupied, you will not be able to.

03. About App

How many reservations can I book simultaneously with my account?

You can have a maximum of three reservations made simultaneously under one account. If you would like to change your reservation location, please cancel your unwanted reservation.

How many on-going sessions can I have simultaneously with my account?

You can have a maximum of three on-going reservation and/or parking sessions under one account. To make sure the availability for other users, please cancel your unwanted reservations if your plans have changed.

Why can’t I see any bike locker location in my app?

Please make sure location service is enabled for the app. A list of bike locker stations within your 50 kms radius will be displayed on the “Location” page.

Can I use the bike parking services without the app?

Our bike parking services can also be accessed via our BlueBox Tag for BlueBox for Bikes. BlueBox Tag is a physical tag that utilizes NFC technology to deposit and unlock BlueBox for Bikes.

Why can’t I see the “unlock” button in my app?

If you cannot find the “unlock” button in your app, here are a few suggestions:

  • Enable location setting
  • Check if there are currently 6 ongoing sessions with your account, as you may have exceeded the limit.
    There’s already 6 on-going sessions with your account
  • All lockers for a station is fully booked
    All lockers at your current station may be fully booked.

04. Bike Parking Services

What is the cost/price of the bike parking services?

BlueBox for Bikes is collaborating with the City of Burnaby and all public locations are FREE TO USE!

Where are your bike parking lockers located?

Please use the BlueBox for Bikes app to see all our available locations.

Can I see if a station’s availability ahead of time?

Yes. You can see the availability of a station on the BlueBox for Bikes app.

Do I need to reserve a bike locker?

No need to reserve, you can simply walk up to any available public BlueBox for Bikes on the street. However, you have the option to reserve up to 30 minutes in advance using the App.

For how long can I reserve a locker for?

You can reserve a locker through the BlueBox for Bikes App. Reservation is good for up to 30 minutes in advance and you can cancel free of charge if your plans change.

For how long can I park for one session?

There is a 24 hour parking limit. Bikes and micro mobility devices that remain for longer than 48 hours may be collected by the City of Burnaby – Facilities Management and brought to a storage facility.

Our goal is to ensure that each installation can be used by as many people in the community as possible; and each user has a reasonable chance of having a locker on the days that they commute by bike.

How do I end a parking session?

A parking session ends automatically when you have unlocked the locker for collection. You’ll know you have successfully ended your parking session when the timer on the app’s parking detail page has stopped. It’s important to double check you have ended your trip successfully so that trip time doesn’t continue to accumulate on your account.

To ensure a public station remains secure, make sure you fully close the locker door and check it’s locked before leaving the locker. Don’t hold the door open for others. With your help, we can keep your bike and everyone else’s safe.

Do your bike lockers operate 24/7?

The operating hours for a public bike locker station is set by the City of Burnaby. You can find each station’s operating hours on the station detail page in the app.

Please note that BlueBox is not liable for any bikes or micro mobility devices that are left overnight and were not collected by the owners at the end of the operating hours, as this is not a part of our service. It is the responsibility of the owner to collect their bicycle before the end of operating hours. Any bikes or micro mobility devices left behind overnight will be secured but not monitored, and owners do so at their own risk.

Can I park my scooter in the locker?

BlueBox for Bikes can be used for most micro mobility devices, such as bicycles and scooters.

Mopeds, motorcycles and other larger vehicles are not allowed inside and will be removed. Our rule is “one vehicle, one space”. This means that vehicles inside the stations must be parked in a way that does not obstruct other users to park in an available space or retrieve their vehicle from a rack.

If you aren’t sure whether your vehicle would be allowed, please ask us at before using BlueBox.

Storing other items besides for micro mobility devices and their accessories are prohibited and will be removed at the owner’s expense. Approved accessories include delivery bags, helmets and spare locks.

My bike had exceeded the overtime limit, what should I do?

If your bike exceeds the overtime limit, it will be collected by staff from the City of Burnaby.

Bikes under collection adhere to the 14 Days Rule:

The City of Burnaby will retain the bike for 14 days only. After the 14th day, the bike will be considered abandoned by the user, becoming non-retrievable. Abandoned vehicles will be discarded, donated, or auctioned. BlueBox is not responsible for damage or loss of vehicles once it has been brought to the city. 

05. Hardware & Security

What do the colors of the locker light symbols stand for?

Green Light – The locker is available for reservation or parking.

Blue Light – The locker has been reserved.

Red Light – The locker is occupied.

No Light On – The locker is out of order.

There are suspicious items in the locker, what should I do?

BlueBox for Bikes is exclusively designed and built for micro mobility devices such as bikes and scooters.

If you come across any item in the locker that seems inappropriate or doesn’t belong, please kindly report it to us through the BlueBox for Bikes app:
Account > Get Help > “There’s a suspicious item in the locker unit”

What is BlueBox responsible for?

BlueBox, developed by BlueBits Technologies Inc., a local company headquartered in Burnaby, is responsible for a comprehensive bike locker service. This service includes the development of physical bike lockers, associated software, creation of the bike locker app, and ensuring the continuous online functionality of the system.

06. Troubleshooting

The “unlock” button did not work to open the locker door?

If pressing “unlock” in your BlueBox app did not open the locker door as intended, you can tap the BlueBox tag on the NFC scanner to unlock the locker.

If you do not have a BlueBox tag, you can purchase one here {{LINK}}, or contact us via information found here : {{SUPPORT PAGE}}

How to report a problem?

To report an issue encountered with the locker, please submit a form through the app:

Account > Get Help > Scroll down to the bottom of the page > Select an Issue and fill out the form

For immediate assistance at a station, please call us at 1-604-336-6699 (available everyday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

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