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BlueAds is a unique advertising service with constant digital exposure, creating genuine ad impressions and captivating the user experience between advertisers and consumers.

how it works?

BlueBox Smart Lockers are placed in high-traffic areas within residential buildings across Canada.

These high-traffic locations ensures a substantial viewership.

Individuals have the ability to buy into pre-set screen times that will appear on the 21.5-inch screen, as well as the resident app, and choose from pre-created geo-regions consisting of all BlueBox locations.

BlueBox Smart Lockcer
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The Future of DOOH Advertising

increase exposure for your business

Full-Screen Ad Placement

Display your advertisement on the BlueBox home screen.

Premium Banner Ad Placement

Display your static or video advertisement throughout the BlueBox smart locker deposit and collection workflow.

Resident App Full-Screen Splash Ad

Display your advertisement at the launch of the BlueBox resident app.

Resident App Collection Banner Ad

Display your advertisement on the BlueBox resident app during the collection process.

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