Happy Earth Day from Bluebits!


Happy Earth Day from Bluebits Technologies!

Planet Earth, the planet that hosts us, provides for us and gives humans a unified entity. Bluebits Technologies celebrates Earth Day today by showing that we care about our world – one BlueBox installation at a time.

Environmental Impacts of Last-Mile Delivery

According to Statistics Canada, online shopping in Canada reached a record of $3.9 billion in May 2020, which is a more than 110 percent increase since May 2019. University of Waterloo professor Clarence Woudsma says that transportation accounts for about a third of Greenhouse Gas emissions in Canada. This statistic shows us how imperative it is to environmentally contain last-mile delivery, as freight and logistics make up a considerable part of transportation.

How BlueBox is Improving the Environment

BlueBox provides a solution for residents to safely store their delivered packages and allow the flexibility to pick up packages anytime. In addition to these benefits, BlueBox focuses on creating a greener community for the world. Smart lockers have proven to improve communities by:

  • Saving 52kg of Carbon Emissions per day
  • 16 tons of Carbon Emissions saved per year
  • Saving 66% of Last-Mile Delivery Emissions

(Statistics from Smart Locker influence in Europe)

Join the BlueBox Green Movement!

The adoption of electric vehicles will reduce emissions but will not solve the congestion and noise pollution issues in our cities; the life-long power consumption of electric vehicles also causes new emissions daily. Challenges such as the inefficiency of last-mile delivery and the obsolete infrastructure facility need to be addressed and tackled to sustain a greener environment.

Another change we have observed is how consumers have become increasingly interested in making environmentally friendly decisions. For example, 80% of consumers are trying to reduce their plastic waste, and 50% are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, a definite behavioral shift towards environmental awareness.

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