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Flexible Innovation of BlueBox

BlueBox is making its mark in the lower mainland of B.C. Residents are currently enjoying the added security and convenience of BlueBox lockers in their buildings. Whether using the text message system or the unit number feature, residents are impressed by how accessible BlueBox is. Flexible innovation is the main priority of BlueBox.

Notifications with Ease

Automation means the lowest amount of human interaction possible. Bluebits Technologies believes that true automation brings on proper convenience. When your package arrives, you will receive instant notification of its arrival. BlueBox provides peak parcel automation with minimal human interaction. The notification option defaults at the SMS option, where the recipient will receive a text message containing a unique code to access their package. However, BlueBox provides flexible notification options for everyone, everywhere.

Unit System Feature

We understand that apartments come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention that the capacity and layouts can get extremely complicated. With the BlueBox unit number feature, residents that live in buildings with complex structures do not need to worry about not receiving their packages. Our BlueBox unit system feature brings state-of-the-art automation to parcel reception. Residents can now receive notifications on their BlueBox app and unlock the locker at the touch of a button.

Flexibility is a priority for BlueBox. Bluebits Technologies is constantly improving and implementing the latest technological innovations.

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