Bluebits Premium
Membership Terms

Date Last Updated: October 18, 2023

The terms in this Section (“Bluebits Premium Membership Terms”) govern any purchase of the Premium Membership in the BlueBox app and BlueMart app (“The Application”). When concluding the purchase procedure for any Premium Membership, it shall be deemed that the User has read and accepted, without exception, the Premium Membership Terms.

A Bluebits Premium Membership grants you access to certain benefits (“Premium Benefits”) on eligible orders placed through the Services for eligible Merchants with a minimum subtotal (excluding taxes, fees) as indicated through the Services. Bluebits Technologies Inc (“The Company”) reserves the right to change whether a Merchant is eligible for Premium Membership at any time with or without notice.

The Subscriptions available are offered in the Application where the pertinent information, price and conditions are included (including, without limitation, restrictions to the number of downloads each day). The Company can modify the Membership offered at any time, offering with new Services (to which, unless otherwise stated, these Membership Terms shall apply) or ceasing to offer any of the Services. The Company is entitled to modify the price at any time. The Company shall apply the price stated in the Application at the time of the submission of the Membership order by the User. 

  • Bluebits Premium Membership is NOT an automatically renewing subscription plan. The company will NOT make recurring charges from your account.
  • 6 Months membership is for one 6-month period from the date of the submission of the purchase. 
  • 3 Months membership is for one 3-month period from the date of the submission of the purchase. 
  • The user who made the submission of The Premium Membership purchase is the Primary account(“Primary”) and is responsible for the membership
  • Termination of the Primary premium account for any reason will result in the termination of their associated premium account.

Once the User purchases the Premium Membership, no cancellation right shall apply. The user shall receive a confirmation within the shortest time reasonably possible and not after twenty-four (24) hours since the acceptance of the order, an email shall be sent to the User with the receipt of the purchase. The receipt may be stored and printed.

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