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BlueBox installed at Simon Fraser University

You can now Find BlueBox at your local SFU campuses! 

As of August 2022, Bluebits has now installed lockers at both the Vancouver and Surrey campuses. With the campuses being vastly different in size and operation, the SFU Facilities Services department was able to find various ways to use BlueBox to fix their current issues with their parcel management systems.

Surrey Campus 

Bluebits was able to connect with the Facilities Services team at the Surrey campus. At the time, one member communicated that he was interested in allowing carriers to deliver packages outside of mailroom hours, or on occasions when the mailroom clerk is unavailable. The Facilities team continues to strive for new strategies that align with their current challenges from the increasing demands on campus. The team mentioned that “Bluebits has been a great fit, and they have provided an exceptional customer service experience”.

Once installed in the loading dock, the first benefit the Facilities team was able to recognize was the ease of use of BlueBox. The Surrey mailroom workers were able to identify the responsive, and user-friendly touchscreen, allowing for easy navigation for all carriers and first-time users. They were further impressed with the BlueManager online portal. While simple, the facilities team was able to customize the BlueBox settings, making it effortless for anyone to learn and use.

Vancouver Campus

BlueBits connected with the SFU Vancouver campus for a very similar issue. Their current parcel management system made it difficult to keep track of and deliver each parcel to its corresponding department. This specific campus is also much smaller, and in a more urban area as it’s located in downtown Vancouver. Meaning the space allocated to hold all parcels was very limited. 

Being able to have contactless delivery with the carriers was BlueBox’s best advantage for the Vancouver campus. Currently, with every parcel deposited, a designated SFU staff member is notified in real-time via email of their 9-digit pick-up code. At this point, they are able to collect multiple parcels at once, even after hours.

As these projects continue to progress on both the Surrey and Vancouver campuses, the SFU staff is excited to see how other campuses can implement BlueBox to fit their current parcel management systems. 

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