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Thinking of Customizing BlueBox for any Upcoming Projects?

One of BlueBox’s key differentiators includes being able to install within 7 days of a signed agreement with our standard lockers. This applies to the Vancouver lower mainland and greater Toronto areas. Some buildings inquire about a custom solution to create a unique space and look for their lobbies or future development projects. With the following cases, our team was able to meet the needs of the clients by moving forward with custom-coloured lockers which were pre-ordered.

Alden, Surrey

Originally, the developer for this building reached out, regarding their building located in Surrey that was under construction at the time. There were looking to implement this parcel solution before residents were to move into the building. Our team had a site visit to measure the lobby and made suggestions to best fit the space back in January of 2022. With the recommendations provided, the building concluded there was enough time to pre-order a custom locker unit before the completion of the building. 

While the lockers were in transit, the developer’s design team decided on creating an enclosure for a more seamless finish. The lockers arrived, and the installation was completed by August 2022. From the back end BlueManager system, we have seen great usage of the locker post-installation.

5555 Dunbar, Vancouver

We were able to connect with this building through our network. In this case, the building was already built. A council member was able to visit Bluebits HQ located in Burnaby, to view and test out the lockers first-hand. After loving the idea, the council member took the initiative and invited the team to conduct an on-site measurement. 

Once on-site, our team was able to discuss the opportunity to customize the locker to suit the lobby’s aesthetic. Our typical recommendation is to install a standard version of the locker in the meantime, as the building waits for the arrival of the custom locker. This allows residents/carriers to overcome the initial learning curve with using BlueBox. After 6 months, the BlueBox installation team was able to easily replace the current standard locker with the new custom unit. 

The building also requested for added security with the locker. For this, we were able to coordinate the installation of a security camera. Which is complimentary upon request per installation. Currently, the building has provided positive feedback, mentioning that the system is intuitive and easy to use. 

One of Bluebits’ successes is the open-minded attitude our team brings to each building case. If you have a vision for customization in terms of colour, or technological integration, we are more than happy to try to work with you to find a solution. 

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