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WHY BlueBox

Forward Thinking Technology

BlueBox Smart Lockers developed in Burnaby, BC; are an advanced, easy-to-use product designed to meet the evolving demands driven by online shopping/deliveries. BlueBox provides an easy, secure, contact-free solution to manage overwhelming daily deliveries with fewer staff and resources.

Implementing smart lockers in your facility can be costly. Our pricing model bypasses the initial investment needed to install smart lockers. Contact us for a unique BlueBox pricing plan.


Multi-residential buildings including apartments and condominiums.


Schools, Community centres, government buildings, and more.


Office, Shopping centres, food service and retail locations.

Bluebox smart locker system

More than a set of smart lockers

We are a tech company focused on providing a local and affordable solution superior to the cookie-cutter approach of our competitors.

We are a local Canadian company. This allows us to visit the site, meet clients face-to-face, and install quickly.

Smart Integration

BlueBox Smart Locker System can be integrated with a variety of controllers and management platforms.


We provide a unique business model that assists buildings and facilities to jump over the initial up-front cost hurdle and saves the building money over time.

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Customizable Locker System

Bringing Innovation to Technology

Flexibility is our priority; customization is our strength. BlueBox values collaboration; making us a flexible partner to work with.

Jake T

Building Manager, Vancouver

“Smart parcel lockers are the future of parcel delivery. BlueBox has been a great added amenity to the building I manage and has reduced my workload and left the lobby free of parcels and missed package slips.”

Mike D

SFU Associate Director (Facilities),
“As our mailroom services needs have evolved, we sought out strategies that aligned with our immediate and long-term goals. Exceeding the increasing demands on campus have been at the core of our change management initiatives. BlueBox smart lockers have been a great fit and they have provided an exceptional customer service experience.”

Nathan W

SFU Facilities Clerk (Mailroom Services),

“The touchscreen controls are responsive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate for couriers and first time users. Additionally, the BlueManager is an incredible tool with simple interface, which includes customizable locker settings, making it effortless for anyone to learn and use.”

BlueBox Locker Solutions

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