Bluebits Premium Membership Now Available

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Introducing Bluebits Premium Membership Now Available for BlueBox Smart Locker Users

BlueBox is a cutting-edge smart locker system, providing individuals with secure and convenient package delivery and retrieval. To further enhance the smart locker experience and build a strong sense of community, Bluebits Premium Membership was introduced as an additional service to all BlueBox users.

User experience and satisfaction is very important to the Bluebits team which is why we wanted to take our services to the next level. This membership program offers a variety of exclusive benefits to BlueBox users.

These are a few exclusive services offered to Bluebits Premium Members (service limitations may apply depending on location).

  1. NextLevel DryCleaning Services: Drop your drycleaning orders in BlueBox and have them serviced by NextLevel. Premium members will receive 10% off all drycleaning orders.
  2. BlueExpress: BlueBox is now a drop-off and pick-up station for packages. Place your labeled package into the BlueBox and our team will drop off the delivery for shipping. 
  3. BlueMart: An e-commerce platform where individuals can order a wide variety of items delivered directly to your buildings’ Bluebox. Premium members will receive 10% off all orders.

Bluebits Premium Membership is a powerful example of how a membership program, closely integrated and developed in-house with our smart locker solution BlueBox, provides convenience, community engagement, and brand loyalty in residential buildings.

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