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Bluebits Offers Building Integration with 1Valet Services

1Valet is a smart building comprehensive platform that enables centralized management of various building operations, including access control, security monitoring, energy management, and resident services. 

Over time there were multiple requests from current BlueBox projects demanding to integrate with their 1Valet property management system. Their goal was to streamline package delivery and retrieval processes by leveraging the existing infrastructure and improve operational efficiencies.

By connecting with the 1Valet development team, we can now integrate with their system. This was made possible by exchanging application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow for seamless communication between their operating system and the BlueBox back-end management system.

This quick integration process would not be possible without our in-house development team. Does your building already use 1Valet or BlueBox? Feel free to reach out and find out how we can integrate with your buildings’ property management system!

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