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Bluebits is Working to Earn ISO-27001 Certification the International Standard for Information Security

Late last year, Bluebits Technologies started working towards getting ISO-27001 certified. This is known for being the world’s standard for information security and management, focusing on data protection and cyber security. Bluebits data security policies have always met the Canadian standard, but now we are further protecting how our data is managed as we continue to expand. 

Cybersecurity is also a growing risk to Canadian organizations. The Canadian Centre of Cyber Security, mentions that “Fraud and scams, including malicious cyber threat activity such as phishing, result in significant financial losses. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, there have been over 150,000 reports of fraud in Canada with over $600 million stolen since January 2021” says Sami Khoury, Head of Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. Sami goes on to mention that even though Canada is living in one of the most cyber-connected countries in the world, these types of cyber risks can be mitigated by companies doing their due diligence and adding basic cyber security measures. 

From speaking with property management companies, developers, residents, we have also noticed the growing need for data security. Their number one concern when implementing a smart locker solution is what privacy policies we have in place to handle their shared information. Our system is compliant with PIPEDA laws. All the data is safely stored on our server and our data centre is located in Montreal, Canada. Protecting clients’ information has always been our priority and our system has always been secure. However, as we plan to expand globally, we realize that it is time for us to acquire this certification to take our data protection to the next level.

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